Ginus Trading

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About us

We have a vast understanding of various industries in different cultures.

Our trading consultants have extensive experience in a variety of areas, including international trade, importing and exporting guidance, marketing, manufacturing, business developments and coordinating internal trade events. We believe the trade of goods between countries, businesses and personnel is a trade of culture and step forward in growing as a society.

Food & Beverage

Ginus Trading exports high quality New Zealand grown & produced food and beverage to Asia.

Health & Skincare

We, Ginus introduce you New Zealand’s pure natures captured products.


A smart air pack that can save your products from breakage and damage during transportation.

What we can do for you

Our trading consultants are able to provide relevant information and services that will allow you to analyze the market your product will be exported to.

Our consultants specialize in providing effective and simple advice on regulations, market share, potential of your product and marketing in the country you wish to excel in.
The analysis of the market and the understanding of the market are crucial in acquiring the best solution and result for your company.We are confident we can assist you in obtaining beneficial information for any product you may wish to import or export.


We work with you to identify your business goal and direction. Than we negotiate on your behalf with the goal of communicating your business plans and goals.


We understand the value of the ability to project and present the ideas of our clients to the necessary people. We will become your personal microphone, to make sure your customers and business associates hear your innovative ideas and business objectives.

Organisation & Planning

We believe the secret behind successful business are planned and organised step by the step. We can assist you in implement the right steps to a successful business.

Market Research & Performance

We pride ourselves on our ability to execute and deliver the services and results we promised. We will assist you to put your ideas and plans for business in to effect.

Consent & Licensing

We can provide assistance in the preparation and lodgement of council consents or licensing. We have experience in preparing and lodging building consents, building exemptions and liquor license.

Business Contacts and Introduction

We have an established database of reliable contacts and will continue to grow this list of strategic partners to further reflect the needs of our clients.
Ginus trading has the resource to assist your business all across the world. We are a multi-cultural company with a growing understanding of the different cultures. Our company’s network and partners continue to grow, and your business can also benefit from our growth.
Our database of contacts is continually growing as we are present at trade and business seminars in Asia and New Zealand each year.

Supporting Business

We can cost effectively work with and alongside your team, to be your extended arm into market while you concentrate on your core business activities. We work to provide the best support for your business as we set you to succeed in the market your business is looking to compete in.
Ginus will work to bridge the gap between you and potential consumers so you are able to make face to face contact with consumers.